Once she too loved selflessly

True and pure

With a golden heart

And love in her eyes.

With flower in her hair 

And a smile on her plump lips.

Once she too was loved

Accepted and cherished

With her horns and wings on display.

But Fate became jealous

All purple and green

With flames of fury

Blazing and crackling 

With need to destroy her happiness.

Now she is shuned

Humiliated and alone

With broken heart and clipped wings

For her wings induced fear

For they could not touch her horns.

Now she roams with hairs braided with revenge

Bitter and angry

With a malicious smirk

A dark glitter in her eyes

And a black depressed soul.

For that night something was made

For hate was never born

Hate was made

For that night Maleficent emerged.