She is the type that dances in the rain, 

She is the type who falls for the night sky,

She will make you fall in love with every little thing,

every little musings of hers, 

She will make you dance when it pours,

She will take you to a bookstore and call it a date,

she is the crazy one,

who smiles the brightest,

laughs a little louder,

and loves little harder.

she doesn’t falls in love with a person quite easy,

But oh! my, when she does,

she falls hard,

she will love you like you’re her northern star,

she will love you like you’re the sunshine to her darkened world,

but she will also love you for your dark moments,

she will love you when you forget to lover yourself,

she is what they all call as the crazy one,

because maybe she is the crazy one,

maybe she is the type,

the type that’s hard to find,

and harder to forget.