Life is a race, a journey meant to achieve an exemplary state.

Eversince birth marred by passions, envies and controversies, it consists of numerous challenges to face.

Those all times when the world seems dull, and life not smooth enough to handle,

When shattering hopes and ambitions bring us to the verge of disillusion,

Then behind the scenery dark rises a Hope.

As a morning lark ,singing of joy high on the tree of life’s bark.

When all deeds and weapons fail to restore life’s gay,

The Hope gently whispers to the Broken Soul,

To still beat;

teaching us to never Quit!

Hope teaches us the glory of life,

To rejoice and embrace it,

For only a very few are deserving enough to gain it.

In our prosperity and frustrations,

In our fears and confusion,

In our anguishes and our pains,

The Hope is the only shield,

Which promises us a brand new day, a better tomorrow.

To bless us with unstrained showers of happiness,

For trying and trying till we succeed and reach the zenith of our dreams,

Whilst the internal conflicts make your soul scream,

The Hope stands and says that its all fine.

To fail and fall is a part of life,

 Where never giving up is the only way to fly.