It was 4.30 p.m., I still remember. 

I was waiting for her, to help me, guide me 

Perhaps support me, to overcome.

Overcome what?

My depression, emotional breakdown and mental pain.

I was sitting and waiting desperately and there she comes.

Tall, dusky and beautiful.

Hello, she said.

I stood up and shook hands. I admired her.

Is she the one, who’ll help me out with all my problems?

Her youth and charm made my brain say, NO.

And there she proved me wrong, taking all the charges of my problems.

I can say that she is my personal diary, perhaps the person who sits beside and listens to me patiently. 

I really don’t know what to call her?

A doctor, a dairy, a counsellor or my healer.

Certainly any of these. 

‘Tell me your name, number and age’, she spoke, 

as I came back into my conscious. 

She jotted everything down and spoke again.

So tell me what bothers you? What takes you to that emotional trauma?

I then started with my story, story which broke my heart, which took me into emotional tantrums.

She told me some human facts, some behaviours.

She guided me the way to peace, to help me come out of these. 

I told her, about my sleeping pattern, the sleepless nights I get. The problems I face when going to bed. 


She asked about my daily routine and said to eat and sleep well on time. 

I nodded and decided to follow. 

She never promised to heal me but, yes she is doing that.

Certainly, love is lost in me, I now have realized with the help of her.

Session got over, I felt some peace, and waved her bye.