Like many others, have you been facing the inner turmoil and seeking an answer from long; what is in life that we are looking for. Coming across a book “The art of happiness” by The Dalai Lama, I got an answer. He very clearly speaks that it is indeed happiness that is paramount.
Are you happy? You may know things but not able to implement like many others. Compassion is the right key to stay happy. Compassion, to define is the state when you understand other’s sorrows and solve them as your own.

In today’s world when we want to end up our own suffering and never feel that again, how will we possibly feel elated after taking other’s sufferings as well. But doing good for someone makes you happy, speaks not me but Dalai Lama.

Compassion is something that has been inherent in humans. Today scientists agree as well that being social has been a characteristic of man from ages. To be happy, be compassionate. No hard feelings, no grudges and be good to even your enemies. Not easy, but will give you something in return; not a bad deal. Be compassionate because like you everyone is fighting a battle within.

Do you compare yourself to someone else? Well you might feel depressed after that. We have a tendency to make comparisons with those who are ahead of us. Just turn around feel happy to see how long you came. However, comparison in the roots is dangerous. Make no comparisons with others but yourself. When you will work more on your growth, you will feel joyous.

Attachment or no attachment? Everyone feels attached, to friends’ and family and that is how expectations come in play. What happens to your friendship when that friend hurts you? You forget that in a moment. This is the clue to an unstable relationship. So when you build any kind of relation, it should have no strings attached. When it has compassion and no emotional attachments, your heart won’t feel wretched when they hurt you. That relation is genuine and stable.

If happiness is the only thing we thrive for? Why look for temporary happiness. Let’s be more compassionate and feel happier. Make a permanent home for yourself where you are not dependent on anyone else. You are your own savior in the battle called life.

The book has all those things which you probably know. I have written the same things as well. But sometimes, we just don’t feel good enough to start off with. It will take time to train your mind, but better late than never.

Keep smiling and this time, spread the smiles as well ☺


Originally posted as The art of Happiness at Breakinhype