And there she resided blissfully in the cocoon created by her mind,
far away from the astringent realities of the world .
Her dreams were fearless and wild sparkling through her eyes , her simplicity and rawness amplified her beauty and that was her silver lining.
But there ‘s this thing with rawness it is like an alloy from which some has to be
shunned off to keep only fine, so it can be sculpted into something sublime.
And so happened ,she carved herself to fit in the wings ,
The wings of knowledge.
Earlier she feared being changed by the atrocities this world could offer hesistating the whole process of evolution , but these wings gave her unprecedented power to fly, high enough in the sky to see the difference between black, grey and white.
Though her innocence left her side but now she was refined, perceptions being redifined.
Liberating herself from the old and tainted confines of her own cocoon .
In a flash she sprang up and flew away , to paint the world in the colours of her wings,
shining so bright with enlightening rays .