No one knows me as well I do 
I’ll fix myself, I don’t need a crew

First, I open my room’s windows
I see sparrows, mynas, and crows

I make myself some fresh coffee
I sip it and gaze at the faraway tree

I search the papers for activities
I settle for ones charging low fees

Hey, there’s a Shakespearean play
Is this guy as good as they all say?

So theatre followed by eating out
What to wear? Must shop, no doubt

I head out slowly. It’s been a while
I love the sights and start to smile

There’s a sale at the nearby mall
Buddy, I select these. That’s all

The theater was not hard to find
I ask the way to it and folks are kind

One ticket for Merchant of Venice
The frontmost seat, if you please

Later, I head to the hot dog stall
A hot dog please and a coke small

I sit on a park bench to eat my stuff
Look! A small dog. Hello! Ruff! Ruff!

I throw the breadcrumbs to pigeons
A few birds land by me. The bold ones

I see a poor girl hawking fruits. So sad
Tonight, I’ll make ice cream fruit salad

Hi sweet little girl, give me one of each
That’s apple, orange, banana, and peach

No, I don’t want to know the price
Is that an extra apple? That’s nice

I catch a bus home. It’s crowded
I see kids dressed in white and red

Here’s an apple, child, I say to one
Throw leftovers in a bin when done

I walk the last mile back to my place
And finish with a meal after saying grace

We all know how to have fun every day
We don’t need others to show the way