It was a dull evening, she had left for work: I was at home doing all the other chores . I had to leave tomorrow: my phone rang.I did not imagine my life would take such a big turn.The call was indeed a special one; indeed a one with a door to a world of experience.It was all gradual and very quick at the same time.Not knowing someone and falling in love is incredibly magical. Merely two days of phone calls and I was completely in love; did i even know i was? it was too early.

I never dream of something like this,I being a practical one ,how could be so impractical.I wanted love to hit me gradually and slowly. Anyways it all started on a phone call and then there was no stopping. We talked late until night discussing our interests and stuff,time passed like the feather flutter! (I really miss that night it did had effort from him)

We wanted to talk more and more so we did day in and day out .

I HAD CHANGED a little for BETTER and a little for BAD.

My love increased , I was head over heels. My life was altogether more beautiful,more loving,meaningful it felt like. A fresh swing of air.

Little did i knew my protective cocoon was breaking I was more insecure more possessive I was different. More thoughtful hardly i knew my feelings would be thought of as a bond.



and buried deep down till the day MY MAN WOULD KISS ME I’LL WAKE UP