Ever since the day I got introduced to this world of fake smiles and rusted love I have always fantasised about going back in time.To go back to the golden time period when life was simple yet beautiful.when every moment was worth living and every feeling worth experiencing.The time when everyone lived together under one roof sharing the happiness and cutting down the sadness.The time when love was not just a word but an emotion when love was all about hearts and soul not brain and body.Take me back to the time when people knew how to respect women.A time which showcases the literal meaning of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.The time when feelings were wrapped up in letters and postcards.To the times when mother swear was the only dimension of measuring the truth.To the time when promises were stronger than the laws made today.Take me back to the time when everything was beautiful and simple…true and sweet…To the time when Love was strong and lust was weak…..that is my fantasy…..