Social media has come a long way since the various social sites have come into play. One can easily spot any given individual having an account on facebook, whatsapp and Instagram, today. What keeps me numb is the addiction for these networks, with no surprise one could view the group of friends prefer talking more on chats while the person is hardly meters away. Have we become so closely bound to the virtual world that we forgot our life were meant to be enjoyed and not to be socialised on social media. We have become so much obsessed with social sites that we are more concerned about what the comment would be on the Display picture than recollecting the memories of witnessing the specific moment. It goes without saying the selfie deaths, has the life been so inexpensive that it’s exchanged a the cost of a single photograph? . The whole cycle point out on only one source, social media. Had not the photographs meant to be uploaded on social media in account to show the guts of standing on the tip of the mountain, buildings. Pity for those who lost their lives in exchange of this horrific demerits of social sites. Why are we so tend to approach just demerits? Why can’t we keep social media to its place and live a life knowing that we aren’t immortal to live. Wonders can be made in life, if the person starts knowing to what extent the things must be done and to where it must be kept. These days trolls have been another factor to be worried upon. Any person who is being trolled can never find himself in a position of being happy. ‘Dhinchak pooja’ must have been a source to be made fun of, yet we are far from the belief of how far we went on to make her feel discourteous. She did what she loved, what made her feel pleasure. Things could have been okay if the criticism could have been in a polite way than by the trolls. Yet she managed to take away all the hateful comments on the chin. This proves where and how she have kept the world going. These days even the designed websites take away your life, well I am talking about the “Blue whale”, it was quite atrocious to know the results of such websites being made. More than that, It wasn’t quite fortuitous to know the human could be that idiotic to have laid down the life. The importance of life can not be exceptionally explained than a person dying off fighting the disease, who wished to live for another number of years. These days children are more prone to the depression, stress; Is it because of the replacement of childhood with smart phones?. This is quite disturbing, technology has made a massive difference toward a human life, yet it has also had its own backlog. We have failed to recognise the technology rather we are keen to take the demerits. Question is how can we avoid the demerits? It’s quite simple, in order to gain something positive, one has to give up on negative aspect of things. How do we give up? Cell phones could be distanced while you are into your friends, family and studies. We can adapt a lifestyle based on “Work while you work, Study while you study and play while you play”. Not sure whether the thing will work out the most, but it cannot certainly have a negative impact though. Selfie deaths could be avoided, avoid going on the tip of the height and incase, you are willing to show the world your bravery, then outclass people in your respective profession, than into any idiotic stunt. Talk to your loved ones, spend quality time with the people you love than living into the virtual world. Don’t get fool to a machine, who knows machine might still survive and you won’t.