The last time I checked the purpose of Instagram in my life was to stalk my ex-girlfriend. Surprisingly, the purpose hasn’t changed at all. But, what has actually changed is the fact that now, I have no job to do. I am in my early 20s and the fact that my juniors are cracking a million dollar funding from angel investors is just blowing my mind as well as my self-esteem.

Also adding to the charm, my editor recently asked me to write an article covering a topic on our famous Instagram pages. Initially, I wasn’t really that fascinated. However, when I happened to talk to these Instagrammers, I was taken aback. Want to know what they shared? Read further.


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So all these Instagram accounts have different niches and hence, it will be a complete injustice to rank them in any order. They are the best in their own niche. So that’s the reason why this listicle will be expressed in bullet points and not in numbers. Also, I don’t like to ignite ego wars among these players since Social Media is a universe of ‘collaboration’ and not ego.


  • Unbelievable Facts 

    Rahul is one among those people who believe in taking the ‘smart’ route instead of making your way through the storms of hardships. He started off his Instagram page with all-Indian followers (till 400k followers) but later on targeted only ‘American Followers’.

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    The reason to switch the target audience was definitely to improve the base of his ‘Revenue Model’. Yes, American Sponsors and Advertisers do pay better than Indian Advertisers. Afterall, people like Rahul are the ones having the last laugh when the whole India cries its heart out when Dollar hits new heights in Indian Markets.


    His Instagram page was recently valued at $28,000. But this is roughly the amount that he has just earned in the last 9-10 months i.e. Rs 20 Lakhs. Surprisingly, he created his Instagram page just 10 months ago. On an average, he is now earning Rs 1.5-2 lakhs every month. 

    Apart from earning through sponsored posts, his other source of income comes from selling his very own created Instagram pages worth of thousands of likes. An account with 50k followers is worth Rs 35,000 and the one having 100k followers is worth Rs 60,000.

    His mantra for success – Try to give new content, stay persistent, post what people like to read, never think about money before you actually make a loyal fan following and last but not the least, have a bit of luck.

  • Scratched Stories

    Uzair is just like us. He is an ordinary law student from Jamia University but with an extraordinary will to make a difference. He started using Instagram since class 10th and it has been now almost 4 years. However, the real deal began just 4-5 months back when he actually felt a need to make a page sharing ‘actual content’ and not just ‘screenshots’.

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    He noticed that many pages were just bluntly copying each other’s material and hence he decided to give something back that has never been shared. So he targeted the ‘FACTS’. He started sharing content having ‘Facts’ and people started liking it and later on, he grew a fan base of almost 200k followers. Within next one year, his fan following increased up to 500k.

    However, he was later motivated by nanotales and decided to make another page – ‘Scratched Stories’, starting from 0 FOLLOWERS. However, within next 6-7 months, he has now gained a mammoth 987k followers. 

    He wanted to keep his earning statistics a bit confidential and hence, the only thing that he could share about his earning was freaking Rs 10 lakhs in the last 6-7 months. Quite modest of him, right? He charges Rs 4000 for each post for an Indian advertiser while it’s $110 for a US client. 

    Mantra for Sucess – Go for something that hasn’t been shared at all. Try to give new content. Managing between studies and business is difficult, so spend every second wisely.

  • Naughty World

    Raghav, the eldest among all the admins started off his Instagram profile almost 2 years ago where he was just uploading ‘memes’ in his own personal profile. What followed next were a lot of likes and a brilliant idea. He was smart enough to crack the egg by tapping on the ‘undiscovered’ and ‘potential’ market.

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    He started targeting the ‘couple audiences’ and made posts exclusively dedicated to them. Most of them were the Indian audience. He created his Instagram page in April 2016 and within the next 5 months, gained a rapid 500k follower followed by another 500k followers in August 2017 at an insane speed. So basically he is a man with 1 Million followers.

    Talking about his revenue model, he has the most different model than the rest of the pages. He wasn’t really interested in making money until he felt the need for it. It is just that since the last 5-6 months he has started off making money through his page. The revenue generated is around Rs 6 Lakhs and on an average, he earns at least Rs 1 lakh each month. 

    When asked about the reasons for his relative lower income as compared to rest of Admins, he was quick to address the fact that he doesn’t target US-based clients because they tend to unfollow you quickly. If you ever want to advertise on his Instagram page, he is the right person. His charges for each post is Rs 1800. He does have different Instagram pages having more than 500k followers and a whole package of advertising on these pages will cost you Rs 2800 per post.

  • Bakchod Billi

    It is perhaps the biggest and the most popular ‘meme’ that has ever got viral in India. In an age of social media, I feel like a part of my ‘childhood’ was dedicated to it. However, the name ‘BC BILLI’ went viral just 2 years ago and it’s really not that into the past. Unlike how the rest of the admins who are apparently ‘jobless’, Harshit already has a well-settled family business of electrical appliances. And in the midst of running his family business, he happens to run one of the biggest Instagram pages of India.

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    He is a college dropout, the only one among all the admins but has been doing great ever since he trusted his instincts and confidence. He believes that there is no value of education if you don’t gain any knowledge out of it. Education is not really that necessary in order to succeed on Social Media, however, he does puts focus on KNOWLEDGE. Page is administered by Harshit Gupta, Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput.


    His monthly revenue from Facebook is almost Rs 80-90 Thousand while from Instagram, he is bombing the hell out of the bank cheques. His Instagram monthly income is around Rs 1.5-2 Lakhs. The income is usually generated through brand, movie, songs and ads promotions.

    Mantra for Success – Don’t hesitate to fall. Learn by your mistakes and move forward. Don’t be afraid of failures. Always give out fresh content and content that appeals the audience.

  •  The Most Popular (TMP)

    The page is being run by Gazal who happens to be the only female admin among all. She is an interior designer by profession but has an immense knowledge in the field of social media marketing. Her first encounter with the world of Instagram came in when she cracked her very first deal of selling a handbag via Instagram. After that, she created her own page with the name – ‘Fantasyland4girls’ which has now more than 13k Followers. Her page offers amazing discounts on various products like handbags, clothes, footwear and much more.

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    However, she has now shifted her focus towards more engaging content by launching her new Instagram page – ‘The Most Popular’. The page is all about sharing content that is/was the most popular in its own way. The page was created just a week ago and in no time has managed to get more than 1200 followers. ‘The Most Popular’ page also offers various games where you can earn and win up to Rs 1000 every day by answering simple questions.

    Unlike the rest of the Instagram accounts sharing the same boring content, TMP – The Most Popular page offers new, fresh and crisp content ranging from nanotales, short stories, mind-boggling facts and funniest memes on the Internet.

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