“न ये शरीर तुम्हारा है, न तुम इस शरीर के हो |ये अग्नि, जल, वायु, पृथवी, आकाश से बना है, और इसी में मिल जाएगा|”
                                                                                                    – गीता (सार)

There exists this theory which says that a man is made of soil and shall perish into that soil and I assume you must have heard of that in the many languages you speak. So what I come to think is that man’s admiration for soil trails back right to the start of its existence from the first man, Adam to who probably might be the last living man.

Human as a child has immense belongingness for soil too. It starts right from there- the desire to roll and toss in the soil, go to the beach and be their parents’ favorite artists and build sand castles. Now can you relate to the admiration I was talking of?

If yet you want to question me about what is all the playing with the sand as a toddler have anything to do with the immense admiration for the soil. Well patience is all it take to know deeper and better because I am going to tell you more.

Have you had the thrilling experience of the confluence of sand and trickling water as you walk barefoot on soil? If you have had this experience, did you feel the magic of the water and sand meeting each other?

There are people who surely did feel this union of water and sand, maybe even eavesdropped upon a little conversation between the two and came up with something great- a story greater than the conversation itself.
It is he, who heard the water droplets whisper to the soil particles and had this urge to hear them speak again for a little longer and maybe even felt to bind them in a chain of endless conversations.

Water and soil are his friends now, they speak to him and he speaks to them of things for which he knows no better safe keeper. Now playing with the soil is a completely different thing for him. Every corner of his dimly lit hut is brightened with the sounds of sand and water who now had found new companion in his daughter. Everyday breaking every sweat with the help of his loyal friends he nurtures her into a bright and elegant beauty. He added colors to every edge of his beautiful daughter.
Remember, how I had told you about every particle existing with a purpose. His daughter was not just his but also like the sole purpose of sand and water.

He who is made up of this mighty earth, has sculpted with his mighty hands hundreds and thousands of sculptures with that very soil. Like it is to you and me to see our child grow from a toddler to an adult of valor , it was to the sculptor to nurture his sculptures everyday, bring them to life only for them to be sold out and praised and be immersed back into the water where it meets back with the soil it was made up of.