Hundreds of messages, plenty of calls, such was the ignorance by her towards me. Well, this wasn’t the case before. She had lot of love for me. Maybe, she has it now too. But, things change as clock ticks life away. One cannot guarantee whether you will be the similar person to grab her eyeballs in any day around. Nothing has been permanent in my case too. I flirted around alot. I was more about a social media freak. I’d made social media a source to make new girlfriends. Who wouldn’t? All my life I was called ugly, my wallet didn’t speak much than my tongue did. Well as I said things keep changing, I met her through the facebook. Her first appearance to me wasn’t anything ordinary but different from other women around. Unlike other women she wasn’t a person to shy away from talking or enjoying herself at our very first meet. What had impressed me about her was the way she defined her personality, silent, down to earth, enjoying every moment, and certainly crystal clear with no greed. One might have to earn good deeds for total 7 births in order to have this lady in his life. This is what makes me think, how I am lucky enough to witness moments with her. The moments I spent with her would be locked into the vault of my thoughts. All the memories shall go down in grave with me as there was no option of eradicating them for me. We had met on my birthday through the facebook, our story was not much similar, as I had thee past of being stud while she was locked into the relation for five years. Call it my sheer luck, we met. And there and there I was as sure as anything that I want this women in my life. I was totally changed, changing girlfriend wasn’t on my mind anymore. I was willing to be a serious boyfriend this time. She too fell for me. Her previous relation was on a verge to break. Call it my greed that I was real happy to witness her breakup, as it was the only chance to call her mine. We spent some moments together which aren’t supposed to be shared, we shared those moments where we had no option than crying on each others shoulder, we shared those conversation which have secured a special place in my memory. I loved her more than anything. Losing her would be an option in exchange of the death. Things were going all well. One such day she changed her mind, she didn’t want to be with me anymore. As such message arrived and I lost my ground. Questioned her number of times which all went unanswered. Cried for her, but all the crying was heard by walls of empty room. Had she told me the reason I would have known where I failed. But there was no specific reason at all. She was done and she wanted to moveon. I guess, did she even realise what would I go through? Did she know that this little heart who had already made her my wife was in a trauma of her leaving?. Did she even know this man who would have given his life out for her wanted to give up this life for not tolerating the pain she gave?. All seems pretty nice at first sight and then feeling of heart attack is felt. My mind went dead,  my tongue went berserk with apologies for unknown reason and little did I know all the pleadings were in vain already. She claimed you will be okay within few days, but would the shattered dreams be fixed? All seems so much of mysterious that solving it would take my organs into grave. The more I thought about her the more I was tend answer in tears. Memories weren’t known to be trashed but to be stored, yet she forgot all the closeness we shared. I hardly knew the memories could also be forgotten. Every touch of her was much close to my heart. Every touch can be felt even now. She wanted to get along with her ex, who was I? Maybe a small part of her destination  which was overthrown in months. This is my tale, she might have gone from my life, yet she is alive in my every memory I shared. Last but not least, I went running down to wipe her tears, would she ever come to wipe my tears atleast? The wounds would be healed, scars shall remain the same. She will be the last soulmate I loved from bottom of my heart.