A feeling of nostalgia surrounds me now
Living I am but don’t know how
Giving myself a chance to head solo
Pushing against the limits here I go

A force so strong holding me back
Held on to the ground, an intent I lack
Swallowing the pain and the agony I am
But it feels as if you don’t give a damn

Irritating instructions restrictions is all I hear from you
Harsh it is ,so rude, hurts as much as an arrow that got through
There’s a storm that is gushing through my brain
If I bleed it out it would take a lifetime to stop the rain

This is not the way I feel to make it normal
It is rather getting more and more formal
No more morning messages no more night calls
Keeping away is like fighting with myself in a roadside brawl

When I walk I see you
When I play I feel you
When I talk I need you
Even though I am here but I can’t find you

No demands I have I’ll create no nuisance
At least keep me in ur thoughts for once
Il not bother you and for you I won’t even thrive
I’ll simply live mine and let you live your life

One small wish is all I have ever expected
To be the first person in your mind rather than getting neglected
For sharing for caring for loving even though not as lovers
But may be doing the same things as best friends forever