When it comes to traveling, ‘camera’ becomes something that is a must-carry item, even more so than clothes sometimes! Nowadays the advanced modern technology that allows us to take pictures from our phone, that turns out nothing less than a professional click, not to forget the popular ‘selfie’ trend that has gone viral the past few years. One can see people saving the memories of their every memorable moment, from the first steps to the first flight to the final moments of gathering, and loads more. Amidst all this, somehow I felt my feelings of appreciation for the surroundings captured in those pictures not as strong as those while I didn’t focus on taking pictures, but enjoying the journey.

It suddenly struck me as I was flipping through the album of pictures that were supposed to serve as the reminders of the beautiful moments of my travel. I realised that my memories of all the places reflected from the film roll couldn’t tug my brain and heart cords as much as those small flickering moments when I stumbled upon unusual scenic beauties while traveling, which had been too short timed for me to film it on my camera.Sure I do remember the places, the stage set up, but lacking the feelings of awe and honor for the nature.

 It had happened once on the usual way to a nearby city in the evening. I usually fall asleep right away when the vehicle starts to move, but that night I had been too much excited for some tour competition I was going to. The way had been all dark, devoid of any light that wasn’t natural in existence. The road way was just like any other normal Indian suburb village side. The day outlines the green trees, paddy fields, villagers’ huts, the sudden plateaus. But since it was a blue night, there was nothing to see from outside the rolled up dark windows of the car.

I consider myself very lucky for having caught the glimpse of what I had witnessed in my boredom of waiting to reach at the destination. The moon hadn’t been the usual full moon, but still had been full enough to light up that small ecosystem, almost like seeing it in broad daylight. It was no mighty river, but a cascade running forth through the rocks and pebbles, reflecting the wonderful moonlight, making its surroundings glow in a midnight blue hue. The flowing water didn’t show a complete mirror image of the moon, but was clear enough, just like the incomplete moon itself..not whole, but more than enough.

It couldn’t even last a second in front of my eyes, considering that we must have been travelling not less than an eighty kmph. But even to this day I can still imagine the soft trickling of the running water as clear as the ringing bells in a peaceful and quiet temple premises. Though I don’t have a solid physical reminder of the allure, but I still can conjure its image in my mind as clear as it had been just moments ago since the encounter.

That’s why, try not to just focus on taking shots of the moments, rather enjoy and live the moment first to the fullest. Because our eyes serve as the best possible made camera on the Earth, to capture the charms of the world, the moments of our lives, save it in the gallery of our minds and to relish it with the bottom of our hearts for a lifetime.