Indulged in a book,
I lost the track of time.
I never knew when my eyelids,
Conspired for a break.                                                                                                                                           But my mind was agile,                                                                                                                                     And planned to tease me a bit.
Suddenly I found myself up,
In a land unknown.
Yet it felt familiar,
I knew I had seen them before,
But within the walls of my thoughts.
And now that I could touch and feel them.
It felt too real to be a dream.
There came a gorgeous Lord,
In all his glory,
Offering a ride in his carriage,
Me being a lady with grace,
Obliged with a smile.
The land was enchanting,
And the winds ecstatic.
They seemed to whisper sweet melodies,
Soothing my soul.
Unfortunate the turn of event was,
The carriage dived into a pond of ink.
And I found myself swimming to surface.
Then did the trance break,
And I found myself asleep on the book.

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Swetaparna Nayak
Words amaze me like nothing else.....
Staunch believer of Karma..
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