The TAJ of tomorrow !!

The TAJ of tomorrow !!


The TAJ of tomorrow

High carbon level emissions polluting the atmosphere

Had painted its minarets with layman’s ugly asphalt

Perhaps no one would snap a photo with the taj near

As if the laud of shahjahan had come to a halt.


Its luster pools looked like dye sewage to the future citizen

Doubtful if the monarch used colored water in the architectural palette

Reminding that if once overflow with ripples that would glisten

Like the wavy curls in the tidy hair of a French brunette


Harsh marble outlines were seen on the summits dome

Apparently like a round cherry bun that had gone rotten

Patterns of rusts in windows and red linings in the walls

Were like meek epitaphs written by the air dust trodden


Greenhouse effect had shifted the central hall to displeasure

Highly heated due to sun storms caused by ozone depletion

And inactive dormant as an overloaded circuit without a coherent fuse

Like if moieties body being subjected to natural cremation.

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Susan Antony
I love to travel around India. I be receptive to my surrounding.Love to be with children and yes I love to write!!

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