My India

My India



A land of vast cultures which you can find nowhere,

People of various origins, living from heir to heir!

A world of fantasy with rich tradition and history,

Many varieties of delicacy, but they all live in harmony!

It would be raining at a place and sultry at the other,

But their concern is Gods, of course, not the weather!

May be Greece you would guess thinking of Goddess Athena,

Mind it! For it’s none other than my India!

Despite the greatness of my mother country,

We are still in poverty, not able to taste happiness and bounty,

Our economy is poor: living standard is low,

May be due to corruption which one may adore.

For years we were under the dominance of the English powers,

The years when they crushed and exploited Indian towers,

Also is the pressure from growing population,

A terrible sting of evil, a disastrous tribulation.

Another reason for this, which you may give me a compliment,

Are people without work, yes it is unemployment.

May those forces which act against India, O Lord,

Be soon destroyed, uprooted from its deepest cord.

You might think, I might be joking,

Not a joke buddy, a soon-to-be-happening!

Not for long poverty, the devil will rule,

One day we would rule poverty like an owner on a mule.

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Susan Antony
I love to travel around India. I be receptive to my surrounding.Love to be with children and yes I love to write!!

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