Sanctity Doesn’t Lie on a Bed of Sin!

Sanctity Doesn’t Lie on a Bed of Sin!

Bloodshed in every corner made me whine,

Over the white tiles they shone like sparkling red wine.

With guns in their hands they declared their “Win”,

But sanctity doesn’t lie on a bed of sin.


So cowardly they acted and created a dearth of lives,

When peacefully rested the little bees in their hives.

Those inhumans let the tragic fire engulf them all,

What a pity!, it took moments to reduce them to null.


And then they say peace must prevail,

they say it is the need of the hour!

Why speak of words that always fail,

and over time have made ties sour.


Bitter roots can never bear fairer and sweeter fruits,

when will they realise this!

In the name of Allah, everytime their gun hoots!

every time they raise a snake to kiss!


But again with a new morning, the sun will shine,

With the stains of innocent blood, our faiths will entwine.

And this time, over their heads will rest our “Win”,

cause sanctity never lies on a bed of sin!


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Sunil Swaroop
I am a very curious person, an avid reader,a freelance writer,a gourmet and a painter. I enjoy travelling. I listen to music in my free time and some times try my hand at cooking.

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