They say, eyes never lie!

But in mine, you can’t identify,

The love you discarded, then;

Made me into this, now in vain.


I look at my reflection in mirror,

Avoiding my affection is an error.

My eyes filled with tear,

As I put on the make up to hide fear!


Afraid to disclose my heartbreak

Eyes have learnt to lie, for my sake!

Seeing you go away deliberately

My confidence breaking to pieces slowly…


A thousand pieces of my emotions

Give way to disbelief in devotion.

A path of such endless pain,

By now, I have nothing to gain.


I look at my reflection in mirror,

I look away in disgust and fear!

The sparkle is long gone and lost,

As my heart and mind coats with rust.


A thousand pieces fallen apart,

It’s so difficult to join them back.

I sit here and let my tears flow,

And recall how I used to glow.


I look at the reflection in the mirror,

“No! You can’t be me!” I scream in terror.

The lost eyes, the cheerless lips and the gloomy face,

“The reflection is a lie, I can’t lose the race!”


But truth never changes, we see

The person in the mirror is me.

I sit there sobbing, because I have lost the plea,

Trying to get back to winning the real me!


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Sunil Swaroop
I am a very curious person, an avid reader,a freelance writer,a gourmet and a painter. I enjoy travelling. I listen to music in my free time and some times try my hand at cooking.

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