Draupadi and Duryodhan

Draupadi and Duryodhan

Tormented and traumatized,

Our girl child of yester years

Stepped into a woman

To become the holy Mother

Looking into the distant horizon, hopes and dreams, respires

To see the moon, stars in the galaxy.

The green all around by bounty and beauty

The vast unending ocean

Continuing waves by crest and forage

To grow in the world of beauty and bliss

Conquering everybody’s heart and soul

Lies now bullied and bruised.

Battered and burnt like *Sujata

Sullied and shattered in broad day light

By no other man

Than her brethren,

The next door neighbour

Known and unknown faces

Of youth degenerated. The Duryodhan

Mythology repeats its scene

Duryodhan attempts to outrage

“The modesty of Draupadi”

In the crowd of elites of Kaurav King,

Only Krishna- The lord as survivor ultimate.

The Ministers, the Bureaucrats

The Police, the protecting fence stand

As silent and mute spectators

To the misdeeds of Duryodhan.

The Civil society is torn apart incapacitated

The cases in court get piled up indisposed

Searching for evidences and eye witnesses

The truth ruffles the door of criss cross

It sets free the convict

The victim bewilders, wild

Fate riffles like half-baked bones

With stigma

Blemishes on her chastity sullied,

Live like a social outcast,

With government’s compensation of a few lakhs, only

When the slogan of empowerment, emancipation of women

Is high in the rhetoric agenda of parody,

In their election manifestos

But its action in files and FIRs,

Oh lord Krishna! Where are you?

Come down to the earth

Efface those predators

In merciless punishment

The enemies of women from the face of the earth

To the dawn of new civilization enlightened

Where the women is only worshipped

As a deity of Mother incarnate

With fragrant flowers of love at her feet.


*Sujata, a minor girl of fifteen from Odisha was raped and burnt on 28th July 2013 and died on 8th August 2013



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Sunil Swaroop
I am a very curious person, an avid reader,a freelance writer,a gourmet and a painter. I enjoy travelling. I listen to music in my free time and some times try my hand at cooking.

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