What do I look out for, each day,
how do my eyes reflect affection.

When things have taken turn like seasons,
and eyes refuse to forget the reasons.

How do I assure my arms each time,
of your chaste embrace they crave for.

How do I cheer the sunken soul,
and curb my dreams as they soar.

All my tears have started to flood,
in the depth of aimless forbearance.

What candles should I use to light,
the path of detention you left in the night.

It burns my heart every time you touch,
like stepping upon a heath of fire.

The touch I thought was heavenly,
is in fact loathful, I would never desire.

Such a miserable time of life,
when words are falling prey to silence.

The more I try to make you love,
the deeper you’re lured by your wicked lust.

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Sukriti Gujarati
Adorably_eccentric :)
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