The face shines vivid and bright,
a power so supreme, for the sorrows it hides.

It is believed to bring in new hopes,
it gives you the strength to tackle all blows.

An assurance of a happy heart,
it builts in joy if you fall apart.

It spreads all over upon a triumph,
it still makes you win in a humble defiance.

Concealed behind those curvy lips,
it colors the fading canvas of life.

When the expressions fall short of words,
it expresses itself to make up for the unheard.

It is a SMILE that depicts sheer innocence and bliss,
Wear it always, for none other trait is as beautiful as this.  

Picture credits : Prashant Singh
Instagram handle : @ps_snickpix

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Sukriti Gujarati
Adorably_eccentric :)
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