Persist or Perish

Persist or Perish

As I sat by the window today,
my inner self began to introspect, 
contemplating over those failed decisions, 
that landed me into a pool of gloom.

To my east shone the yellow street lights, 
brightly reflecting my dimmed prospects, 
I wonder if they had secretly conspired,
to laugh over my lost conquests.

The winter breeze was cold and harsh,
cutting through my dejected visage.
It made sure that I realize, 
making choices in life : I should never decide.

And amidst all this chaos; laid a tree to my west, 
Standing with pride against the dusky sunset. 
Crowned with glow worms edging a vast golden halo,
they glittered their lights and fluttered their flaming tails. 

Their lights made visible a pond in the moon-lit sky, 
rimmed with its filth and yet it had no sighs. 
For it bore in that dirt, an everlasting sight, 
A majestic lotus, much adored by the night. 

It stood blooming all day in those dark waters, 
with its divine beauty and blissful grace.
Neither distressed by its loathed surroundings,
nor upset with its embarrassing fate. 

If lifeless objects, with no choices in life, 
could still shine bright and radiate positive vibes;
why do humans, blessed with choices, 
sunk into obscurity by mourning over their decisions in vain. 

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Sukriti Gujarati
Adorably_eccentric :)
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