Monologue Of A Daughter’s Mom

Monologue Of A Daughter’s Mom

You came into my world in a restless sleepless hour,

and transformed my days into a blooming dale of flowers.

While you laid in your cradle amidst all the thud and thunder, 

I kept gazing your shiny blue eyes as they crept into slumber.

I loved holding your little fingers alongside the pyre,

and adoring those gleaming eyes that illuminated fire.

Your innocent smile had always reflected affection, 

you never failed to astonish me with your quirky expressions.


Why then I feel that, 

as I see you growing old,

and crossing your teen threshold, 

every passing year is falling us apart, 

with less of joyous memories to behold.


You no more sleep in my lap, nor kiss me goodnight.

Your phone’s your best friend, a rather miserable plight. 

Family dinners have been replaced with dates,

discussions evolve into heated debates. 

Benevolence seems to have escaped your sight,

I now see envy in those dreamy eyes. 

We fight over pettiest issues, ending up getting hurt, 

I still look forward to befriend you, though you never care to revert. 


But I never blame you for this,

because I’m aware of your internal conflicts. 

I was the same while in my seventeen,

figuring out myself and those muddled up cerebral flicks.


All I want, my little girl, is to let you know, 

that I am your beloved mom, a’int any foe.

I am here to raise you up, not to ruin your life.

I still want us to go on a shopping spree, 

and share the dinner table with love and glee. 

I might not share the glamour quotient with any of your friends,

but I want you to make me learn all those upcoming trends.

I may not promise to bring an end to your troubles and blows,

but share them once and you’ll never have to tackle them all by your own.

I miss every bit of your sweetness that ruled your childhood, 

I once again want to be overwhelmed with this joy of motherhood.


All I want, my dear daughter, is to let you know,

that your arrival was awaited much before you came into my womb, 

and you were loved and cared, much before you made into this world. 


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