Pick that Right flower

Pick that Right flower

Wow that’s so pretty!

That’s the first word we generally say when we suddenly notice a red rose blooming in profusion.

And the next is what, we perambulate that false steps to reap with boisterous energy to pick , without noticing the thorns beneath it. We get hurt. Finger aches and a certain fluctuation run in our mind:


“should have noticed the thorns before plucking it.”


In the same way our life is composed of such roses where we captivated by its beauty but fail to judge the thorns which hides like serpent behind the bush. Let’s say the garden is our world and the flowers blooming all round are the people we surround to.

Like the roses we often attracted to the allurement, often tingling our life with the thorns stuck like a parasite, although amended by time but certain imprint is left which reminds in the subsequent, horrifying with its sting. The most astonishing is in that beautiful garden, we fail to notice the other figurative colors of such bloomers like jasmine, sunflower or even that tiny little yellow flower which present the garden into a charming glimpse providing a notion:

“Was I hypnotized to notice such dazzling enamor?”


Do you remember? In that adolescence time, often we were warned by our parents to be careful while plucking the rose, either we unheard them or in the excitement we leap to pluck the flower and the result was the cascade flow of tears.

Aahhhhh! my finger is bleeding mom

I said you be careful why you don’t listen to me, while soothing the bleeding finger

…Alas the life!!

Every time is not where we can harmonize such incidents.

Every plot is not of garden.

And hence every pain can’t be ailed just by soothing an anti-lotion.

Our life personifies same like such incidents. Many a time we are warned of such flowers but the outcome leads only of misery and pain. We fail to notice that timid flowers although not beautiful like roses yet soothes us much with its chastity. We fail to realize that a bouquet of flower looks to the fullest when such tiny little flower adds delicacy in it.


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