Winter Love

Winter Love

The beautiful summer has come to an end,

and monsoons are at their peak.

Soon the raindrops will shed, and there will be no clouds,

when the winter snowflakes speak.


The sun will be out from behind the spectre 

but the air around me will be cold.

I’ll bask in the warmth of bright sun rays

cherishing the soft threads of gold.


While life on Earth will go back to sleep

in corners and crannies and nooks,

I’ll sit by the fire with a blanket on me, 

reading a long forgotten book.


What else can be better than snowfalls?

and listening to carollers sing.

To join in the Christmas spirit,

and New Year’s celebration bling.


With a blink of an eye  the time is up

as i look outside the window pane.

I see the Earth bloom to welcome the spring,

Goodbye winter, we’ll meet again.


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