Why does “Love” remind me of you?

Why does “Love” remind me of you?

Why does “Love” remind me of you?

Is it your contagious smile and your happy vibes?

Or how your eyes are a shade of blue.

Why does “Love” remind me of you?


Is it how symmetric we are,

When we are laying side by side?

Or how I look forward to our happy times 

on our long car drives?


Is it the touch of your soft hands?

Your skin on my skin.

which I secretly hope is beginning

of a wonderful thing.


Is it how you look at me,

when you think I don’t notice.

Or is it the quick peck on the cheek,

in hopes of a longer and tender kiss.


Is it the coffee time on the rooftops,

or our lazy Sunday afternoons?

Or our nights spent talking,

and staring at the mystical moon?


Is it the way we work in rhythm,

like you know me inside out?

Or how you put up with my many moods,

and laugh out loud when I pout?


How I wish you could hear my heart

when you’re around, how I wish you knew.

That sometimes I find myself dreaming of

Why “Love” reminds me of you.



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