Top 5 places to eat butter chicken in Delhi

Top 5 places to eat butter chicken in Delhi




Who in the world doesn’t love Butter Chicken. The name itself is enough to make you drool. Delhi is a food paradise as one can find every type of food here. Today we will tell you about our top 5 places where you can have the yummiest Butter Chicken of your life.

  1. Moti Mahal


Where :- 3703, Netaji subhash marg, Daryaganj

This place is referred as God of Butter Chicken as it is said that the first Butter Chicken was invented here. This gem of old Delhi was started in 1940 and has one of the best Butter Chicken in town. The atmosphere of this place is great and it is believed that Mr. Nehru used to visit this place too.

  1. Rajinder Da Dhaba


Where:- AB-14, Safdarjung Enclave Market

This is one of the most well-known place of South Delhi. Some people like their Butter Chicken to be spicy and some like it to be a little sweet. The gravy is very rich, spicy and creamy. If you love spicy Butter Chicken, go for this. We are sure you’ll love the Butter Chicken of this place.

  1. Pind Balluchi


Where:- You can find it anywhere in Delhi. It has more than 15 branches in Delhi.

Pind Balluchi too offers delicious Butter Chicken. The gravy is very rich, not too spicy or too sweet. The ambience of some of branches like CP, Metro walk is very beautiful. You should definitely give this place a try.

  1. Havemore


Where:- 11-12, Pandara Road Market, New Delhi

This restaurant is very popular among Delhiites. The Butter Chicken is very delicious and has the perfect balance of butter and spices. They serve Butter Chicken in tikka version too. The place is open till late night and has amazing food and service.

  1. Gulati


Where:- Pandara Road Market, New Delhi

Gulati is a legendary restaurant known for their variety of Mughali dishes. This place is very famous for Butter Chicken. The chicken is so well-made , it has that authencity in its flavours. The gravy is very rich, creamy and delicious. The ambience of this place is amazing and it is a perfect place for family dining in the town.


we know you are hungry now . no worries, you can rush to any of these places and have your Butter Chicken. And btw … you’re welcome

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