Shopping places in Delhi which brings out your inner shopaholic

Shopping places in Delhi which brings out your inner shopaholic

one word that can bring curve on a woman’s face is shopping. whoever said that money can’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop. Delhi, the capital of India can be every shopaholic’s cup of tea if you know where to shop. If the word ‘shopping’ pleases your ear, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about places which will cost you a couple of bucks to places which will leave you with just couple of bucks :p


1. Sarojini Nagar


Wanna buy mango, Gucci, Prada but don’t have enough money in pocket ??? NO WORRIES because Sarojini nagar has your back . you can buy such expensive brands on low budget. From second hand to original , you can find your perfect clothing piece. you can buy from stalls if you are on low budget and from showrooms if budget is not an issue for you.only thing you need to do is Dig in. Dig in the market and shops and you’ll definitely find something for yourself.  If sarojini nagar is your temple than bargaining has to be your religion , if they say 700…  get it for 300.

2. Lajpat Nagar


Another gem in south Delhi is Lajpat Nagar. After Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat nagar is one of the most popular market of Delhi. Just like Sarojini , you can either buy from stalls or big showrooms. From jewellery to clothes to Decorations , you can find anything and everything here. The price starts from Rs. 50 for a top to 8000( showrooms). If in Delhi, you should definitely give this market a try at least once.


3. Kamla Nagar



kamla-nagar-market-images-photos-55e40f5c28f8dc7cb6772a59kamla-nagar-market-images-photos-55e40f5c28f8dc7cb6772a59Kamla nagar is popular among Delhi university students. It is hardly 10 minutes away from North campus and kamla nagar market. You can get every  trending clothing piece here. It is a paradise for DU students. You can find beautiful accessories and inexpensive clothes from here.

4.Janpath and Palika 




Janpath is a single lane market whereas Palika is a basement market. janpath is also known as mini sarojini nagar, it is a very small market but you can find a lot of varieties there. Palika is comparatively big. It is an underground market. Again, you have to show your bargain skills in these markets. They are located in connaught place. Both the markets are hardly five minutes away from each other.

5. Chandni chowk


Chandni chowk is one of the oldest market in old Delhi . It is famous for bridal shopping. you can find beautiful Indian clothes here in every price range. If you have a wedding or a function in your family, you must go here. You can also find beautiful accessories here.


And you thought you can’t see paradise alive.










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