WOMEN are you ready to be vulnerable?

WOMEN are you ready to be vulnerable?

Womanhood is not really different from all the other “hoods” we celebrate still, its sometimes used as a stage to stand out.
Now, at this point, it is better to clarify that standing out can also make you “vulnerable”. So, if you, as a woman or a “maseeha of womanhood”, are ready and have the courage to be vulnerable, go forward but, also keep this in mind that “vulnerable is what is most probable to become extinct “!
We women, for the good, must choose to “have” our rights and not to grab them. If you are confident that what you are asking for is yours then, why to be in a hurry to grab its pieces? Ask yourself!
The day we stop judging each other is when people shall follow. If we have been screaming and protesting for so long and the “masculine” have not yet given us “equality”. Now, let the vulnerables give it a try! Either of us approach, in the end of it is equality and, thats what we want, right!?
Lets step forward and sit beside them to omit the difference. Talk to men, and we might not need to call up for more rallies. “Be there not just for the shes but for the he community too!”
Today, lets pledge that, we shall hold every hand that needs to be held, irrespective of whether the person is a man or a woman. Gender shall not be a ground once we stop considering it to be one.
If “gender” wasn’t such an over exaggerated term, how could it serve to be a ground to breed “inequality “! Its just a vocab and let it be.
“Hold on to every person, and;
Equality won’t perish!
Don’t fight to be equal,rather,
Struggle to stay together! ”

“Either ask for reservations or
equality- its your choice!”

And, to those who chose the latter, your first job is to look for the ones who went with the first choice. All the best!
We are responsible for our deeds. This implies that women are equally responsible for this “concept of inequality”.
Today’s grounds of inequality have raised to humanhood. Its not only a problem for us women. It is an issue which every person can connect to. We can either consider ourself as “Durga” or “equal to men”. And if none of the two are to be compromised with, considering men as “Vishnu” or “Shiva” is the only option!
As a woman, I don’t think I need to prove myself to people, all I need to do is focus on my life and career just as men do.
Remember, “the need to prove ourself arrives, only when we want something that otherwise, we know, shall stay out of our reach”.
Those who wish to remove inequality, must remember;
“Its in your head, get it out and thats it, you are done!!!”

Its high time- lets look forward to serious issues and end this SOAP!!!

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Sonali Krishav


  1. Randhir Kaur

    Yes well said..let’s stay united…
    Well written in a manner..
    And nice issue to discuss n work on to…
    Well done seriously.

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