A Dream Unfulfilled

A Dream Unfulfilled

Art was everything I had known
Dance was part of my barren life
I don’t know when I was grown
Family forced me to become someone’s wife

My dream, my unfulfilled dream hops
That was to become a successful artist
So that I can help the cops
By sketching the sinful rapist

But as I grew up, I saw myself being careless
Not caring and forgetting my dreams
In a world full of busy people and mess
No one was there to hear my screams

I cried to myself, in a room alone
Praying this not to happen again with any girl
No one’s dreams should be smothered
Girls are meant to chirp and swirl

An unattended dream still waits for me
But patriarchy is made up of harsh coal
No one has faith in me
And eventually I became a lost soul

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Shubhangi Agarwal
I am pursuing English Honors from D.U. (Venky College) and want to become an aspiring writer.

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