Your Dreams Your Choice

Your Dreams Your Choice

Here are two functions defined for you.
Your Needs and Dedication(You, Your, Yourself); 

Your Needs and Dedication(You, Your, Yourself)

It’s not only me but maybe everyone had thought of becoming a great personality, buisnees tycoon, enterpreneur, or something else in his/her life.
But beside thinking all this, Have you ever thought that, Are you really giving your best to fulfill your motives?
Have you ever looked at your performance chart whether it is pointing towards your goal or not?

And You will be sad to know the reality that,
We ourselves our not interested in our goals…
Really, I am talking the truth. We have only created a imaginary picture of our future in our mind which is only temporary.
We think daily about that picture, aspire to achieve that, share our goals with other but never know about our known dedication towards that motive.
We live in a world where we hopefully say that, Everything is possible in this world…
Yes, I too say EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE but that ‘Possible is only made by YOU’.

And what we are doing, busy engaging our life in being funholic, make a mokery of others, envolve in deep talks, social media, and you know all what you are busy in nowadays.

I know, everything is important whether it is fun, friendship, social media but there is word defined “Priority”. I think you are getting what I am saying.

So, Ask yourself again, whether you are really going on the right track?
If yes, then promise yourself to maintain the same consistency.
If not, then THINK A LITTLE MORE(You, Need, Dedication);


First question I wonna ask to all my readers is that, What are you presently studying for? Have you any Motives or simply moving on by some pressure?
“There would be hundreds of answer saying,
I want to earn money, I want to be a Entrepreneur, I want to be Engineer, Doctor”, this that…
Really, Do you really have these motives or something else.
Ok, Can You do one thing?
Keep yourself locked in a dark room for not more than 15 minutes and think, What all your motives are?
You will have a relevant images of the same.

Now after this, Let yourself ask to your Heart… I repeat from Heart… What YOU want from this world…What you really want to become… What type of environment you want for yourself? Think for the house of Dreams that you have managed to built from childhood.

This type will also have the some relevant images for the same in your mind.
After this, Look at the two Cases formed.
If your Images in the first step and second is same:
If it is so, then you are hanging down in the right direction. Your all Motives are same and what you want from this life, you are determined of.
If your images were not as same in both ways:
If is it so, then a CHANGE is needed. Then you are only the slave of your dreams, blindly following it. Maybe you are pressuried to do the same. So, You are going on a track where you would achieve your SLAVED Dream but could never remain happy with it.

So, think for some time more. What you really wonna do?
Actually the reality is that, We all have never thought the best for ourself… Our reality is,
“Aree he is going to be a engineer, Me hi vo hi banunga. Sab engineering krte hai! “
Some people ask for what is Talent?
Then, Talent is something where you can beat someone by your unnoticed skill.
Think For What you are good at!
Execute the skill as soon as possible.

This world is not worthy of engineers or doctors but for the talent that differntiate you from others. You can really change this world.

Time is less.


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~Shub Jain

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