Friendship is not as simple to describe a relationship between two or more friends. It is something more than it. Friendship is a beautiful relationship of souls. Sometimes, it even describes the difference between the friend and the best friend. It is a combination of love, care and trust. 


One such story defines Aditya’s Friendship world. Being a talented and good lad, he was liked by many students of his age. He used to help others in one way or the other. He was also in the Basket Ball team of his school, so he was known by many other students. He was always ready to share his food, sorrow, happiness with the one whom he considered his great friends. Aditya’s thought was that, he has the most powerful and big group of mates but at this point he was wrong. He was not knowing that Friendship is not just all about equal talks and shares. He had created a world in accordance with him. 

One such day was the Friendship Day when Aditya was too happy to prepare exciting gifts for his friends and get some in return. Actually, there was an event organized in his school where the student getting the highest number of gifts will be awarded the trophy of Mr. Friend. 

Aditya was so happy that he was going to be honoured with the same. He had even imagined himself with the trophy as he was having the biggest group. The day came and our Hero was very excited for the event. He had prepared some exciting stuff for his friends and gave them. Everyone was happy to share their gifts and were roaming around happily except the little boy Aditya. 

The event was giving an end mark but Aditya had not received even a single gift. ..not even a single! 

He started crying knowinglessly anything as also there was no reason to be happy. He had lost his world(group). He was totally lost in a group where he had never realised his own image. There was nothing left for him except the tears to shed. 


He came home and asked his mom, 

“Why it happens with me only? “


“But what happened dear and… Why are looking me in a bad mood? ” asked mom. 


“You will never understand my story mom, leave it”.


“You know what baby, Everything lies in discussion. So let me know your problem”. 


“Mom, I didn’t received even a single gift today, I was so happy that today would be the best day of my life but it got ruined”. 

He added, “They were my good friends. I trusted them so much, but what did they gave me in return, only tears”. 


“Dear, I think you have create a wrong virtual image of friendship in your mind”. said mom. 


“I didn’t got it mom? “. 


“Friendship is not just sharing and talking with the best pals. It is a kind of beautiful relation which carries lots of emotion. A real friend is the one who cares, loves, always ready to help you, try to make you happy in one way or other, devotes time for you, feels your pain when you are hurted. You will surely understand one day what real Friendship is”. 


And there was nothing left to tell further to Aditya. He realised what Friendship is and who is his real friend after knowing all the conditions told by his mom. 

Really, Friendship is a Miracle of God. Nobody knows how deep this relationship is. Many are still worthy of this. There are person who still don’t know the real meaning of Friendship and are devoting time on the one who would never come forward for them. 

This short story reveals the secret behind Friendship. So, do not rely on groups and become serious rather look for the best mate who could really deserve you and there are even many friend circles where some of them are jealous of eachother. The luckiest one’s are those who have real friends. 






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