Dead Humanity (Justice for Asifha)

Dead Humanity (Justice for Asifha)
  • We the people of Indian society are responsible for all the wrong doings happened recently but What to do?,  We live in such a country where we can promote the ones who bring glory to the nation but don’t even think for the ones who lack justice.

    My question is just WHY?
    WHY,  In the 21st century there is no precautions against rape?
    WHY,  They don’t even think that what would happen if the rape victim was their child?
    WHY,  Nation is busy in promoting for the one who deserves and not the one who lacks?
    WHY,  Innocent childs are made victims who don’t even know the meaning of what was happening with them? 

    If still these kinds of brutal rapes kept going,  Then one day would surely come when you will feel regret being the citizen of this country.
    I am not talking against my country,  I love it but seeing such issues where powers win then ofsure I can even betray from such country.
    The girls are not even secure at this age and the country’s parliamenet is busy scheduling the best for the people and do you really find somewhere the ‘Best’?
    I am now looking for the mothers who gave birth to HUMANS because these bloody rapist could never be humans.
    I want to urge to every loyal citizen of our country to stand together and let the child feel justice in heaven.
    Really the humanity is totally dead and this is something unexpected from the people under same sun, moon. sand, livelihood and culture could do such things in place of worship. They have made Holy place polluted with the dirt of fear and emotions.

    Please readers Promote this as much you can,  Let the world know about this case and raise voice against it.



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