Dad and Son

Dad and Son

(PART 1)
Sitting beside the shore, 8 year old lad Aditya was immensely sad for some reasons. He was the only son to his mother and according to his mother his father was dead, she never discussed the truth with Aditya that how she divorced and left her husband when she was pregnant and after then she had never seen her husband and his whereabouts.

Living in a small cottage, Aditya had never lived a good life. He used to work daily with his mother in the wet outfields. He didn’t even grabbed a good knowledge as he used to remain most of the time off school.

One such day was this ,he was sitting helplessly looking at the healthy waves which rest for not more than ten seconds. He was thinking how to lead his life and who would the ignite the fire in him.

Suddenly a man with brown shoes and long coat from nowhere sat along with Aditya.
“Who are you dear? Sitting alone at such a place”, asked the man.
“It’s none of your business” said broken Aditya.
“Ok”, said the confused man.
After some silence, Aditya turned to back on.
As soon as he turned back, a poisonous reptile from somewhere bit his toe.
There was blood around and he was groaning in pain.
A wave of help struck the man’s mind and he immediately called for some help but there was desert all around. The man seem’s to be feeling more pained than Aditya. The man took him to the nearby hospital and got his toe fixed.

“Thank You!, If you would have not helped me I would have die there” , said Aditya.
Smiled the man.
“But, who are you and why did you helped me?”.
“I am the one who had been betrayed from my family on wrong accuse and now I roam helplessly searching for my unknown child”, cried the man.
“Ohh dilema! , Even I have not seen my father yet.” said sad Aditya.

Both were having same stories ,one looking for his child and the other one waiting for his father.

“Do you like Ice cream”, said the man.
“Ohho, I don’t like I just love it”.

They both went on to eat ice cream , visited museum ,zoo, park, played together all the day around. Aditya was very happy with this man. An unbreakable bond was setup in between the two. The man treated him like his own child.


The man cared for him and fulfilled all his dreams to roam around and have fun as he was bounded within boundaries.
Aditya got a new friend in his alone world. He was very happy to have him and didn’t want to leave him.
“Would you also come along with my home” said Aditya.
“Ohh! , What would I do, your mom would be unhappy to see you with an stranger” said the man.

“No worry, you just come dear”. said Aditya.
The man went to his home.
“Mom, look I got a new friend today and he is amazing”. said Aditya.
Before his mom could say anything she was left in great shock by looking at the man.
Even the man was totally shocked and started to fled tears as he understood what was all it.
“What happened mom, you didn’t liked my new friend”, said confused Aditya.
“He ,he is……”, mummered mom.
“What are you saying mom , Do you know him?”, said Aditya.
Shocked and emotional mom pointed towards the man and said that’s your……… 

To be continued in part 2

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