……..Shocked and emotional mom said “ That’s your …..your friend right?”

“Yes mom he is, but I don’t know why have you become so serious. Okay let it be, I think I need to play with my friend now.” said happy Aditya.

“Ya sure, but first you need to complete your homework right now.” said Mom.


Poor Aditya did not know what all the truth was and he was not even interested in this because nothing mattered to him except that new friend.


Now, Aditya’s mother was standing in front of a well dressed man who was disguised as
her husband. He was a complete man, well faced as her husband, even his walking style
was very similar to that of her husband and all these qualities prevented the man from being suspicious of anything.

After Aditya’s leave, his mom started to cry after seeing her man after so many years.

“I can’t believe it’s you…how could it be possible? How did you recognized Aditya?” she asked with thousands of curious questions in her mind.

“Ohh, just relax dear, I’ll let you know everything, first let me sit down somewhere” said the clever man.

They both went to the drawing room and the man told that how he met Aditya and they enjoyed the day.

“But, how did you recognize him?” asked mom.

(With Confidence) “…..Ohh Sarika, he is my son too and I came to know him from heart” said the man.

“What did you say, ”Sarika”, have you forgotten, you used to call me Sara”. 

“Oops…Sorry, but I…you know these long years being separated from you both had really made me old along with my memory” said the man.

“But….from heart…” Said the unanswered mom.

“Oh dear, I have come here after so many years, let me spent some time with my child. We would discuss everything at night.” said the man.

The man added, “Don’t tell Aditya about me now, he would be unhappy to know that I am his Dad and I am alive.”

“But how did you know that I have told Aditya about your death?” said mom.

“I know much more” …….(He changed his words) “I think my champ is calling me out there, I would see you later” said the man.

The man did not want to answer any more questions because he did not want to leave any spot of suspicion as he was making all his answers by his own and even Aditya’s mom never minded what he was saying and why he was hesitating in his words as she was very happy to see her man after so many years despite of being separated from him.

Even she did not want to tell Aditya about the truth of his Dad. Happiness was at its peak in the house, Aditya was becoming closer to his friend and which was the part of the man’s secret plan.

It was 10 p.m. in the clock and the weather was at its worst. It was raining heavily and everywhere around their home was water. Sarika (Aditya’s mom) and the man whom she was thinking to be her husband – were sitting very close to each other at the window and remembering their old days. Before the scene would turn to be romantic, she realised and said,

“I think we are going wrong, we are no longer a couple.”


Suddenly, there came a noise from the door side.

“I think, there is someone out there at the door, but who could be there at such a time and in such bad weather?” asked the man.

“Let me see, Who’s there?”, said the mother.

The man was all alone with Aditya(sleeping) and there was someone at the door at such a time.

Even Aditya and his mom would have never thought what was going to happen that night.

(To be continued in part3).

Follow me for more parts. 

Shub Jain. 

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