Your June Action plan

Your June Action plan
Find the fuel to get going, and keep going.
This month, focus on where you want to go in life. Do more of the things that propel you forward, and create a life full of positive momentum.

1. Learn obsessively.

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To become a master at what you do, focus on continuously improving every day. That means learning something new even when you’re tired or unmotivated.

 2. Stay humble.

Celebrate your success but don’t let it feed your ego. Keep a list of all the people who helped you get where you are as a humble reminder.

3. Keep count.

It’s not always efficient to track every expense. This week, track your three most troublesome spending categories and mark where you can start cutting back.

4. Feel the feels.

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When life feels overwhelming, pretending that you’re strong isn’t always the best thing. Allow yourself to experience the emotions so you can find a plan to work through them.

5. Rise and grind.

Not everyone is a morning person, but everyone can benefit from the quiet time in the morning before emails and calls start pouring in. Set your alarm one hour earlier this month and see what happens.

6. Just breathe.

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Struggling with patience? Start by taking three or four deep breaths. Sometimes all we need is a minute to calm our brains before responding.

7. Get real.

Debt is easy to wander into and hard to escape. Take a hard look at your finances this month. Does your spending match your values?

8. Self-assess.

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Your work doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t have to dread your daily alarm. Write down 10 things that excite you, move you or drive you. Do they align with your current career?

9. Stretch it out.

If you spend hours sitting in front of a laptop every day, start spending 10 minutes of every hour walking around, stretching your back and relieving your eyes. Give yourself time to refresh.

10. Find focus.

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Daily distractions keep us from achieving even the smallest goals. Explain your dream and vision to family and friends. Set aside time for complete solitude to be more productive.


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Shruti Choraria


  1. Shruti I mean each and every time you right so damn well that I can’t stop reading your articles. This artcile of your is spreading message of motivation and success. I am damn sure that people will follow this and achieve success. Your each and every artcile spreads some or the other message. Thank you very much for writing them. 🙂

  2. Thank you Miss Shruti for giving an inspiration to all your readers. You are motivating a mass through such articles. I really appreciate this effort made by you. Even if a single reader of yours follows d above , then u have successfully completed your mission. I promise to do the above and make the most of June. Thank you for the articles

  3. This one was well prepared and executed.readers who contemplate on such insights
    Will make most out of life.

    #june-oon !!

  4. Its really good specially when the results are out and u need to be focused in our life…. lovely 10 points specially the last one

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