The Night

The Night

The night was dark.
No Moon.
Minimal Stars.
Only the clouds brushing against each other and creating a friction each time they flew past each other.
Such was that night.
A night that brought in my life a ray.
A ray of happiness that I always used to search.
In myself.
In people.
In smiles.
And in the tears.
A light that was too dull to be blown away again.
Such magical was it.
It was just that time of the night when the human soul is most tender, the one time that makes even the strongest of souls vulnerable.

It was all general. But then, he put forth me one of those questions that I didn’t have an answer to.
Everyone knew that I was cold.
Cold to emotions.
But never had anyone tried to go within that cover.
I wouldn’t allow.
And noone would try.
But he , did.
Unknowingly, he read all that my eyes used to say.
He read it all.
And kept it to him.
But that night.
“Don’t you fear the dark? Don’t you ever fear that these black monsters would wrap you in their arms , leaving you hollow?”
” What are you saying? Which monsters?” ,I enquired, with a sudden pulse of my heart trying to comprehend his unsaid sentiments.
“The ones that you hold within yourself.
The ones that stop you from being the carefree soul you are.
The ones that hinder you to trust life.
The ones that make you coward to try.
To live,
To laugh
And have it all uniterrupted.
Thinking that they would help you heal.!”
“I just don’t know.!”, I murmured.
“You know all.
Your’e a grownup kid, but you still fear the dark.
The darker side of humanity.
The darker side of emotions.
The darker side of being in love.
The darker side of everything.
You know what all of them are. Still you choose to live life in a bubble that is entirely yours. In which you are the soulful person you are.
But dear the world is not.
It is not as good as it seems.
You might not fear the literal dark, but you do. Because for you the darker masks that we humans wear are far more terrrifying than that.
You think it isn’t visible, but the void you have within you that is pushed behind the glittery doors of your eyes and the chirp of you voice, just don’t hide them completely.
You need to learn to change.
And adapt .
With all what that has been.
And what all has been bothering you.
Let it not stop you today, to be free.
Let all of it go and find that solace you wish to get within yourself.
Search for you true soul that has been wandering through the dense clouds of your confusion.
People change.
So do emotions.
And so can you.!”
I stood there speechless. Gazing at him in awestruck.
Soaking his wisdom within the walls of my conscience, I felt liberating.
Liberating from the burden I was carrying within myself.
And it felt good.
To have with me that one person who wanted to untangle the knots my heart had been suffocating me since long.
Such was that night.
That gave me a person to rely on .
To trust even on the darkest of nights.
And the shiniest of days.
So then I realised, it wasn’t the magic of the night, but of his soul that was able to bring the best out of me.


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Shreya Saxena
An engineering sophomore, with a passion to write her heart out. Equalist.

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