Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

We’re magnets with stronger like poles,
That can only come ever so close,
Like when oil and water are stirred hard,
Like the cracks on a broken piece of shard,

Like shadows in the wake of night,
That’s lost with the death of light,
Like dreaming of flying high,
To realize how heavy I am for the sky,

When I am with you and you with me,
These black letters are as close as we can be,
But one day I know you will realize,
There was nothing but truth in these eyes,

So what if our fingers seldom meet,
In us burns a fire greater than passion’s heat.
There is nothing wrong in the way you feel,
Cause there are still years to go before I kneel…

– Shy

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Shreyas Joshi
To write about myself is the toughest task I have ever faced. I guess my writings would give you a hint about who I am...... Till then, happy reading.

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