The Sunflower

The Sunflower

I gaze at the sunflower entire day
but it won’t look back at me
my bad, I wasn’t in direction of the sun.

The sunflower was looking at sun, brightly
holding that gaze; I asked myself
“what it thinks while staring at sun?”

Meanwhile, this dandelion came floating freely
gently touching my cheeks, it left
I couldn’t help but notice, out of habit.

Dandelions remind me of childhood;
how I always tried to catch them
and it floated far away, towards the sky.

Now, I wonder how dandelion triggers
the plethora of emotions, and
sparks the inspiration in Humans.

But I still can’t help it.
I am staring at the sunflower, shamelessly
searching for the words to tell.

Sky is tinting in pink and orange color;
but who cares about the sun
or shade of the evening sky.

This sunflower is more fascinating
and more in love (with sun)
than anyone else I’ve seen on Earth.

The sunflower is losing its charm
and it seems pretty dull; I see
the sun is merging into horizons.

I’ve desperate urge to hold the moment
and stop sun from leaving
so I’ll save the sunflower from longings.

The sunflower is still facing
to direction, where sun has set;
hopelessly hopeful to see its rays again.

I feel strings of this love so strong, because
while everyone was busy falling for Dandelion,
I fell for the Sunflower.


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Shreya Janhvi
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