Life of a RAW agent

Life of a RAW agent

“I loved you always but I wish you’d be on our side,” I said as she took the last sip of liquid that I poured. I think she knew what was coming up and she still gave in. She is choking, she is trying to speak, her hands are trying to reach for water bottle put on the table. She couldn’t reach and falls on ground. She do not show movement any longer. I do nothing except seeing her die in front of my eyes.

She and I were colleagues in RAW department. It was hard to believe when they told me, she had sold us out. Some of the members of my team think, I was also involved with her that I must not be trusted with anything important. I came out clear and my heads knew I am the best man for this job. So, they gave me responsibility to find out which community she has joined. I cannot think of any possible reason she would do that to us or to me. Money is all I can think of, for her ruthless decisions. My eyes are moist. I say to myself they are not tears. Right now, I am not allowed to think any of it.

She is dead. I put her back on chair. I take intel which she had embedded in epidermis of her arm’s skin. This chip is all I wanted. This chip contains whole layout of all the plans of explosions, their date, time and method, which country they will be targetting next. She would never let me have it if she was alive. I had to kill her.

I knock on her cell’s door and say to the guard, “She is way too drunk to talk to me. You should take me back to my cell.” Guard looks at her having quizzical expression on his face. But he did not question anything about it.

Guard says, “this way!”

The hallway of this underground imprisonment is narrow and dimly lit. It’s not often they let their prisoners move in the hallway. Tonight is my last night. They will murder me tomorrow. They never happen to know what was my purpose of coming here. They have put me in prison for past six months. After so many meeting of these people together, they have decided to kill me because I was of no use.

Guard mocks, “you’re one lucky bastard. They have decided to kill you.”

How could I respond to that? I nod and kept moving. I have to deliver the chip to head of department. I have only tonight to think of it. If I stick to the plan which I had? But chances of that plan being successful is less. If I die? I shrug the thought away, I cannot afford to die before completing my mission. 


Somebody hit me hard on my legs. I fall to my knees.

Guard asks, “what’s the matter with you? He is already sentenced to death. Due is tomorrow.”

The person has an iron rod. He says, “he killed Mira by drugging her.”

“I didn’t kill her. She got too drunk.”

He says, “as if, we believe you!”


I know, there is no way to make them believe. They are merciless. They don’t consider humans as living organisms. They have means of torturing people. I was unaware of some of them. Now, tonight is not going to be good. They put me in my cell. They tie me to wall, start their merciless hitting on me. In between I am given electric shock. The cell’s temperature has been raised to 50 degree Centigrade. They want to know why I killed her. They will never know. A man opens the door and says, “You cannot kill him!” This man has a deep mark of cut on his face. They leave me half dead.


Someone is knocking the door of my cell. I was blackened out. Someone is pounding on my door when he can come in. I say, “come in.” An old man enters in my cell having a tray of food. He closes the door behind him.

“I am in no mood to eat. Take the food away.” He says nothing but stares at me. I feel uncomfortable. I feel more weak by his staring alone.

He says, “I am not here to give you food.”

“Why you are here then?”

“I am here to make a deal with you.”

I ask, “Why..”

He interrupts me, “I am not done talking yet. I know you’re here on a mission. I know you are a RAW agent.” I gaped at him. Now I am in my total senses. His voice is turning into icy and he is no more an old man. Like snake, he drops the attire of an old man. He is floating above the cell’s floor. He has raw blue eye that is mystical. He has a transparent body having an irregular shape. Before I can ask anything he says, “stop gaping at me. I am no human. People generally call me Demon. I will help you complete your mission.”

I ask, “Why would you do that?”

He says in firm voice, “I am still not done talking yet. Let me finish, then you can ask me whatever you wanted to ask?” I nod.

“I will help you complete your mission because I need a favour from you. You might ask, what favour you can do when you are lying there half dead? I want your soul. Your soul still has those powers which nobody has here on this Green Vintage Island. Your soul is good and heavenly. You can sacrifice your own life for people. Here people kill others by terrorism. I am little weak and need your soul for revival of my life.”

He pauses a little to see if he has made his point clear.

“So, deal is simple. I’ll help you until your mission completes then you can give me your soul and you die.”


I must be imagining things but this is for real. I know if I do not shook on this deal with him. I’ll die half-mission and so many lives are on stake because of that. It’s been two years I am on this mission. It started when a gang of few people intruded headquarters of RAW and abducted Mira. After few days, they told us in a meeting that Mira was not kidnapped. She was no longer a member of RAW. She had joined a terrorism community. It’s an interpol situated on a far away island. They had kept her in underground imprisonment and from there she was working on their mission. According to the sources, they are working on biological weapons.

I came to Green Vintage Island, that was one painful journey. The island has exotic plants and animals. Nothing seems normal here. I lived here two days without being found out by the TC (Terrorism community) people. The main reason for being here to go in underground imprisonment to find out Mira. So instead of giving them a hard time, I made it easier for them to arrest me. They took me to the prison blindfolded.

Tonight when I am half-mission away… I must take his offer.

I came out of my thoughts. I see Demon is observing me quitely.

“I am in. Help me complete my mission. I will give away my soul.”

“Indeed, as I thought.”

We shook hand, it felt I am touching air.

When it’s midnight. He opens the door and we move without making much noise. But strangely the hallway is drop dead silent. I don’t know through which way he is taking me, I am just following him. We reach exit of underground imprisonment. It’s dark outside, relatively darker than other two nights that I spent here. The sky is surrounded by dark clouds. Demon is emitting some eerie lights, that is the only source of light for me. He mumbles something and a submarine appears near shore of sea. I am too focused on the mission right now that I don’t ask about submarine. Engine roars and we left for the headquaters. It’s morning when we are on other shore of sea.

He says, “we cannot travel at this moment. We have to wait till night.”

We wait till midnight then we resume our journey way back to RAW headquarters. When I reach headquarters, all the lights are off except for one room. I know where I can find right person to give this chip. I knock, my Head opens the door. He sees me and pity masks his face. I hate this expression because I always felt pity is an ugly feeling. I tell him the whole story of me finding the chip. Apparently, I cannot tell him about Demon because when science is progressing who will believe in my Demon story? I skip that part and the important thing was I handed the chip to him. My mission seems complete to me. I tell him, “I only want to take tonight off. Tomorrow I will join the office.” He doesn’t object and I leave with Demon following me.


I go in my office. Demon says, “ You think, good souls repel demons like me. But no, this is not the case. There are thousands of terrorist whose soul I can take before death reaches them. But what will I do of their soul? They have weak souls like their crippled minds. Taking their soul only weakens me. You’re a good human with good soul who can sacrifice his live for a good cause.” I am in black space and I see nothing. Then I don’t remember anything.



I wake up next morning on the terrace to find myself alive. I don’t know how I got here? I don’t see Demon but a note was left for me which says, “you’re a good human. I never told you but I might have changed my mind. I will leave this Earth knowing there are some people like you live here.”

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