I remember a guy from three years ago-I

I remember a guy from three years ago-I

I have vivid memory of this guy,

I remember, from three years ago.

I was looking into my void,

When I saw him for the first time.

His imposing frame stood in front of me, motionless.

Sure, his heart was beating rhythmically,

His breathing hitched then slowed down.

He, deciphering concealed mystery of my void

Me, adding more colours in my space.

It was hard to remember then,

For how long we were there

Standing across each other,

Neither too close nor too distant.

It’s quizzical, gravity pulled me back to Earth?

Or something else?

My gaze travelled to him,

His dusky black hair had wildness of forest

Complementing his unblemished complexion.

Looking at the ground, he

Stole his eyes away from me.

I blinked and before I can think

In a swift movement, he was gone.

Now, standing beyond my reach

Keeping his side glances on me.

I was staring blankly at someone

Who just disrupted my void.

I was too naive to notice

When Chain of moments altered

We were engulfed in each other’s oblivion.

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Shreya Janhvi
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