An Uninvited Guest

An Uninvited Guest

Working on a project
As the lights went out
“He forgot to pay the bill yet again”, I muttered to myself.
Sat there in the dark, with nothing to do
Just an everyday power cut, I thought.
Never been one to get scared of the dark,
But today was different.
A creeping presence,
An unknown fragrance
Something or someone,
Eyes gaping, watching over me
In the dark.
A feeling too real to ignore,
I picked up the phone and looked for your name
Just then,
A knife on my throat
A grip on my waist
Too scared to move
Too weak to fight
Too shocked to scream
As the cold steel slowly slices at my neck
I see a light flicker
There you were, calling out my name
I looked at you looking for me
Searching in all directions but mine
As you go upstairs for me,
The knife slowly retreats
I lay on the ground lifeless
You were there

Just a little too late 

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Shraddha Pangam

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