The Superhero “No helmet” Bike From BMW

The Superhero “No helmet” Bike From BMW

Edgar Heinrich, Head of Designs, BMW has drafted a bike that seems exceptionally futuristic. It won’t be an amplification to say this bike has superhero essence all over it. Apart from several high-end states of the art features, the best thing about this dreamy beast is the level of safety it offers to riders. Motorcycle accident Lawyers surely are going to rethink about their profession once this baby is out there. Interestingly, this has been labeled as “the great escape”.

Minimalistic design with high-level detailing


Vision 100 sports a seamless and elegant triangular frame with white lines. Aerodynamically optimized airflow is the main feature of an integrated windscreen. In addition, a large metallic reflector functions as a wind guide.


This unrealistic beast screams style and perfection with its innovative roadster look. Carbon made seats and frame covers just add a cherry on the cake.

Tyre has an advanced damping function and it adapts to the terrain ensuring grip and safer ride.

“Opposed Twin engine” : Historical and unreservedly stylish



BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is a perfect blend of historical reminiscence and futuristic pump at the same time. The traditional BMW opposed twin engine has been lodged amid the frame. Surprisingly, it seems this piece of delight clearly takes huge inspiration from BMW’s maiden bike, the 1932 R32


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Electrically charged engine housing emissionless drive unit couldn’t have been greater. Significantly, the exterior shaped of the twin engine is unbelievably rider friendly. During the action, the engine block protrudes out at the side thus optimizing the aerodynamics. At the same time, the aluminum frame flaunts sexy vibes.

 No helmet, only cool goggles


BMW has taken a bold step here trying to engage a bike with its rider in direct exchange. BMW Next 100 comes with a pair of data glasses which primarily looks like a protector from wind and rain. In reality, it is automated device that provides the entire field of view to the rider.


The visor is connected with the goggles such that the visor displays all the vital data about the route and keeps the rider aloof from hazardous meets.

The visor not only provides data but also corrects the angle of the lean and ideal line of the drive if the rider fails to do so. Given that, it does not bother the rider unnecessarily as can be operated at riders will only.

Flaunt your fashionable wears


With BMW Vision next 100, the days of heavy leather clothes for protection are gone. The inbuilt protection system that is sharp enough protects the rider from wind and rain. With embedded AC function the temperature optimization never seemed so efficient.


The designers knew very well that the neck region of the rider tends to fill with air at a higher pace. Keeping that in mind, the system is designed to relieve cervical spines and offer the greater comfort.

Moreover, the vibrating elements deal with the navigational signals and limit the tilt angle reached.

Self-balanced BIKE


The best feature is yet to be described. The bike houses a smart and alert assistance system that ensures dynamic riding with perfect self-balance. This is indeed great news for both beginners and professional riders. This agile feature radiates revolutionary waves of riding.


The assistance system expands the capacity of the rider and provides pure freedom.

Revolution guaranteed

 According to the designer, the bike is best suited for digitalized urban environment.

With more and more interconnected system and automation, this farfetched concept will be a realization very soon.


future bike

Edgar Heinrich says “When designing a bike, we usually think about next 5 to 10 years. A future prospect has been really exciting and appealing to us.”


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