Life like this

Life like this

Covered in the manure of expectations,

Chained in the shackles of social approval,

I lost my identity long ago.

And every moment, I had been so hard on myself,

just to stand judged rightly among others.

Life has been nothing but an unbalanced equation,

I failed inevitably to find the correct numerations.

Treated myself like a beast in a cage, so tamed,

Marked my happiness on the wage I gained,

Forgot the gems that I had inside me, sustained.

But this was not my fault, I swear,

it was you who made me to wear and tear,

to lock my dreams, for they wear too surreal.

Your lessons of life are hoax, as you are

They are nothing but brutality above par,

Now i realize it , lately let it be

I won’t be your puppet like you wanted of me.

The fire inside me has not extinguished so far,

I am  writing my own terms with your tar.

My rules will bloom like the nightshade,

amidst your darkness, it won’t fade.

I won’t have latent tortures like yours,

Clarity and freedom, my two source,

Enriched with hopes and dreamy force.

While you go and find you next prey,

I am here with a challenge for you…

When you capture one

I will free two…..




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Shobhit Mishra
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