Die and then, LIVE

Die and then, LIVE

I can feel it..see it..believe it.

Yes, I can.

The Kindle of destruction.

Oh, wait..this is good…

Yes this is lively

Enjoying this canopy of death…

Death? Enjoying? Are you crazy?

No, I am not..infact if the truth has to be spilled,

I haven’t been wiser enough,

To see this brutal massacre.

I would have given the best i have.

But today…

time in on a rampage…

And I can feel the thrill…

The goosebumps induced aren’t lying…

And the only cost i have paid for this

One time annihilation… is in time.

The time has finally been benevolent.
yes, the destruction is good because it has destroyed the hypocrite I was..the shallow faith I had…

I am astounded by the canopy of death
because..I can see the death of all shits I was filled with,
those dead selfish beliefs have haunted me my entire life
.and they are dead now.

The dance around the fire that was fueled by my racist ideas,
my sexist prose,
my fascist poems,
is out…

Like they say “it is never late to begin”.
and I am all strongly pro for it.

I have a beginning planned…
a path well lit and goals strong fitted with thoughts properly ventilated…
I wish to live merely for life and its beauty,
and I will start in that way where the concern is my tool,
and the concern well accompanied by positivity.
I dare now to stand for human values,
attempt to expel the pessimistic radicalism deep rooted
And preach happiness…

And when I walk that road,
with love in my heart and song on my lips,
I hope to find you there,
ready to be my partner,
sharing the common dream of a better world,
because I am a believer.

And just to simmer the smell of ashes of failed me,
disdained me,
allow me to stop here.

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Shobhit Mishra
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