When you accept the fact
That your trying doesn’t worth
You stop fighting the truth
And face realty of some sort

Your heart burns with chills
Your senses numb as fuck
Consoling yourself faintly
Without any drop of luck.


Some days passes
A week,may be few
Pushing yourself hard
Trying stuff you think are new

With attempts to outrun your past
To skip all the pain
You work for worthless gain
Trying hard not to turn insane

At nights it get tough
When what you did
Wasn’t enough
Your chest gets so heavy
Colder it feels
The monster scare you bad
The scars aren’t easy to heal.

Lying dead as fuck on your bed
Eyes open wide
Remembering things she said
Moments we lived
Cherishing all the treasures we had

You smile for a while
But the smile is so sad
Haunted by your decisions for
Circumstances you had..

Still you know its not the end
You’re not alone getting the bend
You’re not only broken into pieces
Crushed all your feelings
As if life ceases…

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You know you have to stand
And prove your self respect
Shutting down all the stations
Shutting up all the mistakes

Preparing youself like
The lone ranger
Determined so meekly
Not to cry
Coz with the time
The  tears gonna dry……

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Shobhit Mishra
Perpetually lost in the ocean of exploration
Lives a life in denial to surface someday
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