The Rant and the reply

The Rant and the reply

Howdy mate, you got some time?
I will buy you a drink,
90ml neat,
if you be a lamb, old sports,
and lend me your company prime.

You see, I am dazed,
awfully blazed,
stunned to the core
the things you will lore
makes me want to tear this heart,
and pull the strings apart.

Don’t you judge so soon,
for I have the calmness of the moon,
but you know the whole story,
how moon survives on star’s glory,
and  the cosmos has been rude,
and I don’t mean to be a prude.

For it gave me my sunshine
so gorgeous, pristinely divine.
But feels like entoiled by the fate,
oh, how badly I hate
this bafflement, I have conceived,
unable to let go things I have perceived.

Doesn’t that make a demon out of my soul
unwilling to let go the stigmas
and let love be my destiny,
my gift and my goal.

Wait, don’t leave, please stay
the refill in on its way,
Will you speak, if you wish,
say words I am craving for,
that will strangle my dilemma
and all my pain will perish.

you are a colossal idiot…..

yes, not to miss a whiner, so profound
stuck in someone’s past,
who is gonna make you feel warm,
and hold you till the time unbound.

I spit on your coffin,
if you could ever afford one
for doubting her sanctity,
you pathetic hypocrite moron.

Yes, the left behind in the past
and there is so much to hide, in fact,
she opened herself to you,
coz she had her integrity intact.

She could have had with you her way,
and left you in utter dismay,
but she chose not to sting
coz that is not her thing.

You don’t yet understand her, do you?
Else, you won’t be in this lousy place
in a tuxedo that you rented
talking to a stranger, seeking solace.

Don’t get cold feet, have some pride,
Don’t you dare let her slide,
coz I have a woman, to whom I surrendered
and life has been one dreamy ride.

Now, here she comes,
cradled in her fur
I am so sure about her,
you too don’t be a blur.

Do the right thing,
I hope you will,
the rum is gone 
and here comes the bill.

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Shobhit Mishra
Perpetually lost in the ocean of exploration
Lives a life in denial to surface someday

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