Pixel by Google: 7 reasons why it is all new and awesome.

Pixel by Google: 7 reasons why it is all new and awesome.

7 reasons: why Google’s Pixel® is new and awesome?

Google’s latest gift to the world, Pixel® sports some serious high-end features and specifications.A time when version phones are spreading boredom with the similar design and hard to notice upgrades, Google is on a role here with all the elegance, freshness and awesomeness packed into the very new Pixel®.
Here are 7 reasons why Pixel®.is going to be on your mind for a longer time.

1. Elegance at its best

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FHD Amoled 441 PPI display in 5.0-inch version and QHD AMOLED 534 PPI display in 5.5-inch version will give you vibrant and cinematic experience. The display incorporates true blacks and
16.77 million Colors for your beautiful eyes.

This uni-body phone has been manufactured from Aerospace-graded aluminum. The display is protected with 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® glass 4. The aim is to provide the users smooth and seamless experience along with protection from deadly drops.

2. Powerful core


With one of the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 chipsets, Pixel promises to deliver faster system processing, improved battery life and efficient performance of the applications. The quad-core processor will ensure that the heating of device is kept at bay and multitasking is lag-free.
The 4GB LPDDR4 RAM has been complemented with 32 gb/128gb ROM. It is time to leave lagging far behind.
Ambient light sensor and proximity sensor for hassle free calls, accelerometer/gyroscope delivers smooth user end experience. Magnetometer for accurate digital map orientation and the barometer that assists the GPS chips to lock faster with instant access to altitude data.

Pixel® Imprint, the super fast finger print sensor is mounted on the back. X-axis hap tics has been built in for sharper and defined responses.

3. Camera that redefines world through lenses

Pixel® proudly boasts an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 89, the highest ever rated smart-phone camera. The level of details in the image is amazing considering it is just a 12.3MP camera. The level of noises is relatively low for every lighting condition tested. The image quality is much impressive with accurate exposures along with superb contrast, white balance and blazing fast autofocus. Both PDAF and LDAF features have been incorporated for best results.

The front shooter is an 8MP fixed focus camera with 1.4µm pixels and f/2.4 aperture. This configuration is more than enough for high-quality selfies and video calls.

Video recording is another striking feature in Pixel®. The quality of video can be peaked to 4K at 30fps and at the maximum of 120fps 1080p recordings can be done. Now that is another reason to be excited.

4. All new OS ANDROID 7.1: NOUGAT

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New phone with all new Nougat 7.1 OS is loaded with amazing features. Night light and improved touch display performance are few in the list. The moves have been updated with finger print swipe down gesture option and all new daydream VR mode is going to take VR experience to whole new level.
Developer features allow the user to explore in the depth of the excitements. Some of the features are
• Keyboard image insertion
• Circular app icons support
• Manual storage manager intent for apps
• Multi-endpoint calls support

5. Fastest charging experience

Those days are over when you had to wait for hours to see full battery notification on your phone. With USB type-C™ adapter, you can get 7 hrs battery life in 15 minutes. Is this amazing and huge relief?

6. Google Assistant

It feels wonderful when you phone talks to you. The all new Google Assistant is witty and smart.
Get the best possible answers on the web or manage your everyday tasks, Google assistant never fails to deliver. This is no new but when it comes to Google, there is freshness in the old as well. With translator on the go and easier navigation into system folders, virtual assistant never looked so handy before. And to add the cherry to the top she will tell you jokes and even sing for you.
How cool is that?
7. Switch: Never looked so easy to change a phone without fear of losing data from old one.

With three simple steps, you can transfer your vital data from your old Android device or iPhone®.
1. Connect your old phone to your new Pixel® with Quick switch adapter.
2. Sign in to your Google account or create and the new one.
3. Transfer what you want to move your contacts, calendar, photos, videos etc

The phone is available in two variants: Pixel® and Pixel XL. Google has scheduled to hit Indian market with Pixel® on 13th October. The price has been set to whopping 57k. The price is still pretty high. But we will know very soon if the feature on the paper really sync with the user experience and justifies the rocketing price.

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